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Medical Record Review, Patient Navigation & Hospital Monitoring

Medicare health insurance for Baby boomers in America

Have you heard about Medicare? It is a national health insurance program launched in the year 1996, and since then it has come a long way. Now the concern is as the baby boomers tend to live longer because of the coming of the superb medical care, will the government be able to take care of the elderly through the Medicare program and if so how efficient it will be?

The baby boomers and Medicare is a familiar phenomenon in the United States. Presently 96 percent of the Americans who have reached the age of 65 are enjoying the benefits of Medicare program. But given the increasing cost of healthcare, does this program will give better coverage of the elderly healthcare requirements? It is a matter of debate.

Research offers a different insight. It says that the senior adults in America are encountering difficulties in accessing better healthcare even though they are enrolled with Medicare.

What is alarming is that the healthcare cost is increasing faster than the economic growth of the country. As a result, the Medicare taxes and the coverage will become less as the government has to cater to the needs of the entire elderly population registered with Medicare. This results in out of pocket expenditure in healthcare.

According to an estimate, a retired couple aged 65 years old will require paying as much as $ 275,000 extra money to cover the healthcare cost, and this amount does not include the long term care nursing and rehabilitation. The government insurance coverage will be only on 50 percent in this regard.

However, on a positive side, the significant spending in healthcare by the Baby boomers has created the drive of innovation in this sector which will benefit them in the coming years.

What added to the whole situation is the presence of chronic diseases among the elderly population in the USA. Multiple numbers of chronic diseases among older adults make it difficult to pay for the healthcare cost and due to this many a time they are left untreated since the expense goes out of their budget.

We Baby Boom Health after analyzing all the difficulties associated with elderly healthcare have come to assist them in accessing healthcare as efficiently as possible. We work hard to provide a customized healthcare plan to meet the requirements of the elderly.

What we believe in the offering is a concierge medicine or what is called a private medicine or personalized health care which will be paid exclusively by the patient instead of the government. We connect you to various medical professionals who are practicing medical concierge system to ensure better care. A classic concierge medical practice includes things like accessing same day appointments, 24×7 availability through email or phone and spending quality time with the physician during the visit, etc. The cost depends on the services delivered to the patients, and the physician may charge an average of $ 135 to $ 150, and it goes up to $ 25,000 per annum.

Our care coordinators are an integral part of the elderly healthcare program. Also known as a patient advocate, who assist the patients to communicate with the healthcare providers so that they can access the information they need to make decisions regarding their healthcare. They also schedule doctor appointments for the patients and different medical tests and get the required social, financial and legal support.

Medical Record Review is another component of clinical care. We provide medical reviewers to check the medical reports and insurance documents in the expectation of better accuracy. Through this, the quality of service being given is examined to ensure the safety and timeliness of care.

We also provide another professional called patient navigator to guide the patients in accessing the healthcare system and his objective is to remove all the obstacles coming in the way of the patients receiving the necessary care and treatment.

Hospital monitoring is another important aspect in ensuring the proper healthcare of the elderly and we focus on that aspect too. Those elderly patients who are ill and is admitted in hospitals, there should not be any lapse in the monitoring of their vital parameters. The nursing care is usually arranged in certain shifts and not 24×7. So to bridge these gaps we provide professionals for constant control of the patient’s condition in the hospitals and notify the health professionals immediately in case of any abnormality. This allows the patients to relax peacefully and helping them to recover faster.

In a nutshell, Baby Boom Health put a particular focus on understanding the drawback on the road to accessing healthcare by the old lot in the USA and bridges them with the necessary medical care.

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