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Medical Advice

Confused about your diagnosis?

  1. Education, explanation and recommendations
  2. Complete medical record review with recommendations

Cancer research into cancer centers that specialize with your site and tumor

  1. Research with clinical trials for your type of tumor and site.


  1. Alzheimer/Dementia assessment
  2. Being a Certified Dementia/Alzheimer Trainer I will work with you on how to manage your loved ones behaviors
  3. I will provide tools to help you care for your loved one and care for yourself.
  4. Assistance with finding appropriate levels of care
  5. Is a secured memory unit appropriate?

Confused with your health insurance benefits?

  1. Assistance and explanation for Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care plans

Let us help you be proactive rather than reactive.

  1. Preventive life style programs
  2. Diets
  3. Education and understanding of your disease

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