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Enjoy Better Access to Elderly Health Care with Me! Health Coach in NC

At Baby Boom Health, I understand your concern towards an elderly family member at home who is in need of assistance. I am dedicated to healthcare of the people of all ages, especially the elderly population. I will research nationwide service with an endeavor to guide you to access the best elderly healthcare in the country.

healthcare for elderly

Your search for quality elderly care services ends with me. I provide you compassionate health care services that enable the elderly people to become independent in certain activities in life. With me, they learn to manage their lives better. Elderly and healthcare are synonymous with each other because old age is the time when people are most in need of quality treatment and care.

I customize our services according to the specific health condition of the elderly. I am well equipped with the necessary training and skills to guide the elderly people in the best way possible. Our services bring back confidence among elderly people and this has successfully addressed the various obstructions come in the way of achieving better care and treatment for the elderly in the country.

When you trust upon me to meet the healthcare needs for elderly in your family, I take it as a challenge to provide the service in such a manner that the requirements are ably meet. With the help of our expert professionals, it has become possible for me to offer a wide range of personal care services that can meet both short term and long term needs of the patients.

access to healthcare for elderly

I offer service 24×7 as I know how precious your healthcare needs are. By contacting me you will be able to get a new direction on the road to give care and treatment to your beloved elderly parents and relatives at home.

Old age comes with a lot of progressive diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson diseases, heart ailments, diabetes, cancer, etc. and these diseases create a great impact on the lives of the patients. I conduct chronic disease self-management programs for the seniors to assist them to take control of their lives through proper training and education. I offer health coach professionals for this purpose to constantly motivate and inspire the elderly people to restore their lost confidence.

I will act as a care coordinators  between the physician and the patient and his immediate family members to check that the patient is not deprived of the care and treatment he deserves. They are cordial, loving and look forward to offering dedicated care to our patients.

What I offer is a personalized care plan for our patients. I connect you to the best professionals in the country in the field of elderly healthcare. Our caregivers work in close coordination with our patients to create a better atmosphere at home or in assisted living facilities.

Baby Boom Health will monitor your loved one’s medical care and act as a liaison between the physician and our client and family.  Our goal is to ensure the client and family fully understand the diagnosis and treatment plan for the elderly.

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I will provide access to healthcare for elderly, risks, benefits and answer your questions. Our goal is to take the stress away from the family.  At Baby Boom Health, I am committed to ensuring your health care needs are addressed. Baby Boom Health offers a proactive approach to maintaining your health.  Feel free to call me at 919-622-0840

  • Diagnosis and treatment- review of medical records, recommendations, and options
  • Assist with putting your health care back into your hands
  • Preparation for medical appointments
  • Hospital monitoring
  • Health care surrogate, advance directive assistance
  • Advocate for you or loved one with the physician
  • Medication review with a recommendation
  • Educate you on your diagnosis, treatment options, medical tests
  • Health coaching- prevention and disease management
  • Educating and supporting caregivers
  • Assistance in appeal process with insurance companies
  • Care Coordination and will work with the discharge case management team advocating every step of the way

Call me at (919) 622-0840 or email for an initial consultation.

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