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Patient Healthcare Coordinator

Patient Health and RN Care Coordinator – Clinical Care Transition

We are committed to ensuring your health care needs are met by our liaison care manager. Baby Boom Health will coordinate appointments, and attend medical appointments in our local area. Our of area appointment are handled by conference calls during appointments with the physician or discussion with the physician after the appointment.

We offer total medical support with the help of trained memory care, transition care and Registered Nurse coordinator. Recommendations and assistance is available if your loved one needs to transition to another level of care. Assistance is provided in finding the appropriate level of care.

Call us to discuss this service at (916) 622-0840, or email us at

To deliver compassionate and respectful service to the patients, families and clients with whom we are working. We will advocate for you in a professional manner to ensure your health goals are met. Guidance and assistance will be provided in a professional safe and affordable manner. At all times the highest level of privacy and confidentiality will be maintained.