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Elderly Polypharmacy Issue

Effectively Dealing with Poly-pharmacy Issues to Ensure Better Care for the Seniors

Polypharmacy is common among elderly people who are defined as the adverse effect on the body caused by multiple numbers of drugs. The elderly people with chronic diseases require taking many medicines because of the co-morbidity factors or the presence of numerous illnesses and it creates an opposite reaction in the body. According to statistics, a large number of senior American adults are dealing with polypharmacy related disorders.

We understand that with age, a lot of diseases occur and it makes it necessary to take medicines to manage different health conditions. Research has claimed that polypharmacy is evident in nursing homes. There is an inherent link established by different researches between poly-pharmacy and the various side effects.

As the number of senior adults is growing day by day in America, this has become an increasing concern. However, in certain circumstances, poly-pharmacy in the elderly inevitably comes up. This is because older people are susceptive to many diseases and this makes it necessary to take a lot of medications.

Polypharmacy issues

We Baby Boom Health work tirelessly to give the best care and treatment to the old lot by providing an efficient group of care professionals. We have a vast network of different professionals such as care coordinators and others who monitor the effect of poly-pharmacy in elderly and provide necessary prevention of that.

In some instances, older people take medicines which are not necessary. This will be thoroughly examined by our group of professionals and will counter the symptoms of polypharmacy such as dry mouth, confusion, extreme tiredness, constant sleepiness, constipation, diarrhea, loss of appetite and distaste to perform routine activities, etc.

What we do is a comprehensive evaluation of polypharmacy issues which involves a thorough review of medication and possible risk assessment by using state of the art tools and technologies.  All the necessary evaluation is done by our group of coordinators which insist on taking single medication instead of multiple drugs and avoiding all those unnecessary drugs in the process.

Polypharmacy in the elderly

Our healthcare professionals first perform a detailed review of the current medications and any recent change in medicines. The new drug is administered only when it is written as necessary. Even if any new medication is given, it is prescribed in low dosages.

The management of polypharmacy is a team effort, and it is possible only effective coordination between the patients, healthcare providers, and families. We assist you in helping your loved one to get rid of the adverse effects of polypharmacy.

As the population ages the number of medications they are taking also increases. Baby Boom Health has a Licensed Pharmacist on staff that will do a medication review. So often after an event or hospitalization medications are changed. My team will look over the list of medication to ensure there are not duplicate medications or medications that are contraindicated. To learn more about our services call us at (916) 622-0840 or email us at

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