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Patients and their loved ones are always a disadvantage when it comes to making decisions about medical care. A complicated diagnosis, unexpected decline in health or traumatic injury can make it nearly impossible for patients and families to advocate for themselves. There are barriers and obstacles around every corner. Sometimes it’s hard getting answers for the most basic questions.

Advocating for yourself as a patient is often problematic for several reasons. First, our health care system is complex and intimidating. It can be extremely challenging for patients and their loved ones to make informed decisions, especially during periods of uncertainty like when it’s time to be discharged and when it’s unclear whether a test or procedure will be applied.

Furthermore, patients will always have access to everything they need in order to make informed decisions, such as their complete medical records, information about treatment options and the availability of critical trials.

These factors can make it extremely difficult for patients and their families to effectively advocate for themselves. The right independent patient advocate, however, can step in take charge and help patients and loved ones speak up with friends and family just aren’t enough.

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