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Solo Aging

We Work To Help People Who Are Aging Alone

  1. Helping individuals that do not have a support system either by choice or circumstances
  2. Assistance with finding the appropriate level of care: Skilled Nursing facility, Short Term Rehabilitation, Assisted Living
  3. Home Health, Hospice
  4. Researching facilities with recommendations and choices
  5. Improving communications between the medical team, patient and fanily
  6. Managing patient care and ensuring hospital responsiveness
  7. Understanding a new or complicated diagnosis and obtaining second opinions
  8. Overseeing hospitalizations, discharges and the selection of long-term care

Living Will

  1. Do you have a living will, a healthcare and a power of attorney?
  2. I will assist with referrals to an estate planning attorney
  3. I will assist in explaining and helping you to fill out your living well
Chronic Disease Management in the USA