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Tampa Florida Healthcare Surrogate

Tampa Florida Healthcare Surrogate

Have you heard about a health care surrogate? He or she is an adult professional who is entrusted with the task of making healthcare decisions on behalf of the patient when the latter is unable to do so.

Sometimes the patient is not in a condition to make any decision due to failing health, and then the necessity of a healthcare surrogate is mostly felt. Such a professional step in such critical situations and help you with all the healthcare decisions.

It is a fundamental human nature that we do not like to prepare in ahead for things that we do not want to happen. In the majority of such circumstances, often the decisions taken on behalf of the patient is not similar to what the patient would have wanted.

Unable to take care of yourself? Don’t worry, Baby Boom Health can be your health care surrogate, services nationwide.  If you are alone or in a situation that you do not want to bother a family member, or friend, we are here to take over that role.  We will honor your health care goals and we will be your voice to be sure your wishes are carried out.

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We Baby Boom Health understand this concern and thus help you to name a designated person of your choice who will take care of your healthcare related decisions for you. It may include things like the kind of medical treatments you prefer compared to others in certain medical circumstances. If you are looking for a healthcare surrogate in Tampa, Florida, let us know by calling at 919-622-0840.

We provide healthcare surrogates who are qualified, competent individuals to make better decisions for the sake of the patient’s health. A healthcare surrogate is also called a healthcare agent, and he or she is someone who will accompany you wherever you go. He or she should be reliable enough to make important decisions on behalf of you. Most importantly he or she should also be able to perform their duties in case if any possible family pressure.

Responsibilities typical to a healthcare surrogate

o    They are responsible for consulting with the physicians and other healthcare providers about the medical treatments or end of life treatment.

o    They make healthcare decisions based on the preferences and desires of the patients who made it clear in advance. In case the patient has not made any clear wishes then the healthcare surrogate will take decisions based on his intuition of what you would have suggested

o    They manage the patient’s admission in a hospital or transfer from one facility to others, nursing home treatment or home care service related things.

The Florida Health Care Surrogate Act has undergone some changes in the year On October 1, 2016. It talks about the following conditions

o    The surrogate healthcare professional can act immediately before it is taken to determinate the incapacitation.

o    Now a parent or a guardian can assign a healthcare surrogate in the presence of any minor child in case of any such incapacitation on the part of the parents or the guardians.

Advance Medical Directive/ Living will

Florida healthcare surrogate

The healthcare surrogate plays a crucial role in the life of the patient who is no longer in a condition to take any decision. Therefore it is equally important to choose the right professional for this. He is responsible for setting in force the Advance Medical Directive, also known as a Living Will and it will be done in the presence of another person. It includes instructions regarding the healthcare of the patient. This becomes essential when the patient becomes too sick or disables to express treatment preferences.

A patient may create a Living Will which dictates that the medical professionals can withdraw any life support system or prolonged medical procedures intended to extend the life of the patient in case of terminal illnesses. Post such declaration coming from the patient the healthcare surrogate can summon the doctors and the hospital authorities to put off the life support system.

The legal aspects involved with a healthcare surrogate

A surrogate healthcare professional is legally designated to take decisions on behalf of the patient. Under this process, a healthy patient with full conscience hires someone to take care of all the medical treatments ongoing and make an important decision when the patient will reach in a debilitating condition.

If your loved one has not thought about this aspect, we can assist you with a Florida healthcare surrogate. We can understand how difficult it is to take any decision in the last days of life, but this is the part of standard medical practice.

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