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Wilmington North Carolina Health Care Surrogate

Hire a Healthcare Surrogate in Wilmington and feel at Peace!

Sometimes, you will naturally be apprehensive about thinking what will happen in the future when you will not be physically fit to decide things on your own? Your greatest fear is who will decide things about your healthcare in the last days of your life?

If you are seriously injured or ill and it prevents you to make any healthcare decision, you will need somebody to decide things on behalf of you. The professional who is responsible for making healthcare decisions for you is called a healthcare surrogate.


We Baby Boom Health assist you in taking control of things when you are in good health so that in future there are no confusion arises regarding your medical treatment and you get the best care you had always deserved as an individual.

Who Can Be a Health Care Surrogate?

Healthcare surrogate in Wilmington

Healthcare is also called a healthcare agent who is legally nominated by you to do the needful on behalf of you. He is a court-appointed professional who is authorized to make decisions for you.

He or she will have the authority and power to make decisions on your health care, and his opinion will be considered on the top of all other decision-makers in your life. Therefore you must take some time to think about naming the person.

The federal and state laws approve it

In the United States, both Federal and State laws give you the authority to direct your medical care. This applies that you have the free right to whether you would prefer life support measures in the last days of your life.

So, the best way to avoid any confusion is by preparing a Living Will where your healthcare wishes will be written. Since it is legally approved there will be no disagreements in this regard, and it will prevent the possibility of any conflict in the future.

You must discuss and put things in clear terms with your healthcare surrogate. If you do not do this, the healthcare surrogate will make decisions based on their own capacity.

Who can be your health agent?

Any individual who is above 18 years old is eligible to be your healthcare surrogate. You can ask your healthcare agent if he or she wishes to act before you make your Advance Directive or Living Will.

You must sign the document or ask somebody to sign it in your presence. No witness can be your healthcare surrogate, or the witness should not be your spouse or blood relative.

Without an Advance Directive, your medical treatment wishes will not be known to your family and friends. It may lead to many unfavorable situations where in the last days of your life, your family members could approach the court to resolve the dispute on what is the best course of action for you when you will be terminally ill. In Wilmington, Delaware we help you to avoid such a situation in your life by providing you a healthcare surrogate professional.


What happens if you do not name a representative for yourself?

In case you fail to choose a representative you should prepare a Living will or any other such legal document which states your concern and wishes regarding your medical treatment. But the law will require a surrogate decision maker and the doctors to obey your wishes as much as possible; else you can also be transferred to a facility where you can get the treatment and care you deserve.

Therefore it is best to choose a healthcare surrogate when you are in a healthy state of mind and body and talk to a quality provider like us to avail you the best professional for your care and treatment.

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