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Chronic Disease Management Programs

Chronic Disease and Parkinson’s Disease Self Management Programs

Baby Boom Health offers oversight and guidance for all chronic and acute diseases. Our goal is to help you understand your diagnosis and treatment plan.
It is so important that you understand why you are taking the medications prescribed and your treatment plan. Early intervention of subtle changes in your condition is a focus we offer. We are available to assist you in guiding your decisions.

A simple call to us to answer when should I call my physician reduces your stress level. We are there for you every step of the way.

Call us at (916) 622-0840 or email for an initial consultation.

To deliver compassionate and respectful service to the patients, families and clients with whom we are working. We will advocate for you in a professional manner to ensure your health goals are met. Guidance and assistance will be provided in a professional safe and affordable manner. At all times the highest level of privacy and confidentiality will be maintained.