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Chronic Disease Management Programs

Chronic Disease and Parkinson’s Disease Self Management Programs

Baby Boom Health offers oversight and guidance for all chronic and acute diseases. My goal is to help you understand your diagnosis and treatment plan.
It is so important that you understand why you are taking the medications prescribed and your treatment plan. Early intervention of subtle changes in your condition is a focus I offer. I am available to assist you in guiding your decisions.

Chronic Disease Management Programs: a Way to Improve the Quality of Life

Baby Boom Health is a quality healthcare service provider nationally present in the USA. I have a strong emphasis on how to give the best care and treatment to the elderly people suffering from multiple chronic diseases. I feel that early intervention in your healthcare would help you to improve your condition and I see it as our responsibility.

Chronic disease management

The term Disease management refers to a system of structured healthcare. In other words, it is a coordinated treatment plan carefully formulated taking care of the patient’s condition. It helps the patients to manage their lives while inflicted with chronic diseases. Self-care is an essential aspect of disease management. It is a coordinated system of healthcare that involves interventions and communications to improve the quality of life of the patients.

So, the concept of disease management programs is borne out of the intention to assist individuals suffering from chronic diseases to perform their routine tasks.

A beneficial aspect of this architectural treatment plan is that it minimizes the time and effort taken in managing these diseases. This allows the patients to not to look for help from others, for example, the specialists or hospitals. 

Chronic Disease Management Program

It is directed towards improving the outcome of treatment among patients while reducing the cost involved in the process. The disease management programs also aim to improve the quality of general medical treatment in the long term.

This program includes regular doctor visits for mere consultations and other clinical examinations. Practical learning for the patients is also a part of the program which ultimately helps the elderly to manage certain things on their own.

Chronic diseases bring a lot of complexity and thus require serious long term care and treatment which would be designed to suit the specific health condition of the patients.

management of Parkinson’s disease

Active participation in the chronic disease self-management program is also encouraged among patients, and it effectively helps their patients to manage their condition better. It comes into effect in the following manner.

  • Those patients who participate in a DMP program work in close cooperation with the doctors who are specialized in this field
  • The medical professionals involved in the program are knowledgeable about the duration of the treatment and will give individualized attention during the doctor appointments compared to a standard consultation
  • The therapists and caregivers are all work in coordination while discharging their responsibilities in both residential and outpatient treatment
  • Specialized training courses are ideal for patients with chronic diseases and actively take part in making decisions regarding the treatment and teach them to live with their ailments.

Managing Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

People who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease can also enjoy the benefits of this program. For better management of Parkinson’s disease, it is necessary to provide information to them and lend support as well as developing skills in exercise and managing their illness.

The patients are given training on early management of the disease and how to have safe mobility. The falls prevention programs also form a part of this which aims to fulfill the requirements of the patients in various stages of the progression of the disease. 

A sudden change in behavior among people suffering from chronic diseases make them perplexed, and it affects their lives as well as their near and dear ones. Expert’s opinion is that the best way to manage the condition of elderly people with chronic diseases is to train them through a well-planned training program about how to be self-sufficient in managing the symptoms. These results in their ability to take control of their daily activities and it indirectly add to their confidence.

Our primary concern is to make you understand your diagnosis and treatment plan. Our effort is to help you understand the medications you are taking and its subsequent benefits.

A simple call to us to answer when should I call my physician reduces your stress level. I am there for you every step of the way.

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