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Craig N. Johns, Vendor Relations

Craig N. Johns

Craig N. Johns

“Bridging Industry with Healthcare”
20+ years of direct sales, marketing and product launches of new and innovative medical technologies. Specializing in Orthopedics, Podiatry and Eldercare.

Consultation and Advisory for wound care, infection control and eldercare start up companies. Collaborate efforts by assembling industry professionals to analyze market conditions, clinically educate the demographic for the specific project and contract with distribution to manage the supply chain. Emphasis on facilitating the launch of new innovations for specialized high and low tech eldercare products.
Healthcare Economic Studies
Clinical Studies
Physician Panels
Mr. Johns will continue to expose this demographic to the newest and most highly demanded products and services that match the continuous needs.
Clinical education for seniors and care givers will be in high demand as more than 10,000 Americans are turning 60 every day.

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