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Jeffrey Welty, Benefits Consultant

Jeffrey Welty

Jeffrey Welty

Benefits Specialist
Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist

Mr. Welty takes great pride in the knowledge and expertise gained over the past 38 years in the benefits and insurance business.
Jeff utilizes his skills and vast knowledge to consult individuals and business owners to determine their best pathway and direction in regards to: financial, benefits, healthcare and insurance planning. Everyone has distinct needs, discovering those needs and strategically building the most cost effective custom plan that allows financial freedom, protection and succession is my specialty. Mr. Welty is easy to talk to and “REALLY LISTENS” to clients. The main reason Jeff is so fluent in this complicated benefits language and “life’s” scenarios is due to his broad spectrum of thousands of clients for almost four decades.

Jeff has always been involved with local, regional and national associations and committees to stay current with these changing times as well as give back to society for the great life he has gained by helping so many for so long.

One thing Jeff has learned over the years that mirrors health care is that individuals and businesses need to have, at the very least, an “annual benefits check up” in order to gain and maintain a healthy benefits plan. Jeff has numerous tools to help diagnose issues and build a plan to resolve inconsistencies and help create peace of mind and security.

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