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Prescription Review

  • Confused about your diagnosis?
  1. Education, explanation and recommendations
  2. Complete medical record review with recommendations
  • Polypharmacy, are you afraid you or a loved one are taking too many medications?
  1. Review of your medications, prescription and over the counter, by our staff Pharmacist
  2. Our Pharmacist will provide you with questions to discuss your medications with your Physician.
  3. Our Pharmacist will provide research and medical studies for that discussion.
  • Confused with your health insurance benefits?
  1. Assistance and explanation for Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care plans

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To deliver compassionate and respectful service to the patients, families and clients with whom we are working. We will advocate for you in a professional manner to ensure your health goals are met. Guidance and assistance will be provided in a professional safe and affordable manner. At all times the highest level of privacy and confidentiality will be maintained.