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Senior and Eldercare Consulting Advisors

  • Do you need help managing care for yourself or a loved one?
  1. Personal and professional Case Management
  2. Liaison between physician and patient
  3. Representation when your Physician’s recommendations do not agree with yours
  • Do you find yourself constantly thinking or worrying about a loved one out of state?
  1. We have nurses that will oversee their care
  2. Our nurses will accompany them to a medical appointment and call you after the appointment.
  • Confused with your health insurance benefits?
  1. Assistance and explanation for Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care plans

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To deliver compassionate and respectful service to the patients, families and clients with whom we are working. We will advocate for you in a professional manner to ensure your health goals are met. Guidance and assistance will be provided in a professional safe and affordable manner. At all times the highest level of privacy and confidentiality will be maintained.